Agribusiness at UH Hilo

AgEc 201: Agricultural Economics

Dr. Sabry A. Shehata

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Introduction to Agricultural Economics, by J. Penson, Jr., O. Capps, Jr, and C. Rosson III

Office Hours:

By appointment. Call 933-0856.

Course Description:

Concentration on the economic principles of the firm (Microeconomics) and its application to agriculture.

Course Objectives:

  1. To understand various economics principles.
  2. To apply some economic model in solving of agricultural economics problems.

Course Plan:

Two weekly lectures will be organized in a similar way as they are presented in the required text book with local examples given to understand the theories as they are related to Hawaiian agriculture.

Exams and Quizzes:

Three midterm exams, each worth 100 points, and 10 quizzes each worth 10 points, and attendance/homework 50. Final exam worth 150 points and it is optional

Grading Methods

90% and aboveA
less than 60%F


Any student with a documented disability who would like to request accommodations should contact the University Disability Services Office—Campus Center Rm 311, 933-0816 (V), 933-3334 (TTY)—as early in the semester as possible.