Agribusiness at UH Hilo

General Information

CAFNRM stresses individualized attention through small class size. The undergraduate Agribusiness specialization was established in 1987. Students in the Agribusiness curriculum receive a strong background in agriculture and agribusiness, a combination that is in demand for today's agriculture. The Agribusiness curriculum draws its courses from the areas of business, economics, mathematics, and agricultural production, thus making this curriculum multi-disciplinary in scope.

Why Study Agribusiness?

Graduates in Agribusiness can anticipate careers in private enterprises or government agencies concerned with agribusiness, economics or finances. Job opportunities include loan officers, salesmen for agricultural chemical industries, consulting positions in farm management organizations, buyers for food processing companies, commercial firms and private agencies. In addition, the Agribusiness curriculum has enough flexibility to allow a student to meet the requirements of most graduate schools, thus allowing a student to pursue a graduate degree.

Requirements for Graduation

To earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture with a specialization in Agri-Business, a student must complete a minimum of 123 semester hours with a cumulative GPA 2.0. The course work must be in the following areas:

General Education Requirements (40 hrs)
(see UH Hilo General Education Requirements)
Title/Courses Credits
English Composition:
Eng 100 or Eng 100T or ESL 100 or ESL 100T
3 hrs
Quantitative Reasoning (100 or 200 level Math, except 199 or 299)
Math 115 or 121 taken under the Supplemental Requirements also applicable here.
3 hrs
World Cultures:
TWO courses
Ag 230 or Anth 100 or Eng 253 or Eng 254 or Eng 275 or Geog 102 or Hist 151 or Hist 152 or KInd 240
6 hrs
THREE 100 or 200 level courses in different disciplines.
9 hrs
Social Sciences:
THREE 100 or 200 level courses in different disciplines.
AgEc 201 or Econ 130 taken under the Agriscience Requirements also applicable here.
9 hrs
Natural Sciences:
THREE 100 or 200 level courses in different disciplines.
Including 1 credit hour of laboratory.
One Agriculture Production course under the Agriscience Requirements and Math 205 or 206 under the Supplemental Requirements also applicable here.
10 hrs
Requirements for Major (including GE courses, 123 hrs)
Course Title Credits
Agriscience Requirements (42 hrs)
AgBu 291 Agribusiness Internship/Work Experience 3 hrs

AgBu 320 or
AgBu 321

Agribusiness Management or
Agricultural Cooperatives Management

3 hrs
AgBu 340 or
AgEc 322
Agri-Marketing Research or
Marketing Agricultural Products
3 hrs
AgEc 201* or
Econ 130* or
Econ 301
Agricultural Economics or
Introduction to Microeconomics or
Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
3 hrs
AgEc 330 or
AgEc 380 or
Econ 380
Farm Management or
Environmental Policy and Management of Hawaiian Natural Resources or
Natural Resource Environmental Economics
3 hrs
AgEc or
AgBu or
TWO courses 6 hrs
SEVEN courses in Agriculture* 21 hrs
Supplemental Requirements (40 to 41 hrs)
Acc 250
Financial Accounting 3 hrs
Acc 251 Managerial Accounting 3 hrs
Bus 240 Business Law 3 hrs
Econ 131* or
Econ 300
Introduction to Macroeconomics or
Intermediate Macroeconomics
3 hrs
Mgt 300 Management, Organizations and Human Behavior 3 hrs
Mkt 310 Principles of Marketing
3 hrs
Math 205* Calculus I 4 hrs
Math 115* or
Math 121* or
Math 206*
Applied Calculus or
Introduction to Statistics and Probability or
Calculus II
3/4 hrs
(FIVE courses in Ag-Business/Ag-Economics/Business/Economics) 15 hrs
Electives (12 to 13 hrs)

* Can be used for General Education if courses are from lower division.

Effective Spring 2007.

Updated and older versions may be found at the Agribusiness Specialization page.

Agribusiness Curriculum Sheet

You may download an Adobe Acrobat formatted PDF curriculum sheet.