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About ISA

What is ISA?

  • ISA's primary objective is to promote cultural awareness and understanding on and around campus. Since UH Hilo is a campus where one will find students from all over the world, it provides a great opportunity for students to share and appreciate different cultures.

Who can be a member of ISA?

  • Any enrolled student at UH Hilo and /or Hawai`i Community College is eligible to be a member of ISA. ISA is one of the few campus organizations that remains active throughout the entire year. To sign up, please stop by the International Student Office in the Student Services Building, room 205, fill out the Membership Application form, and submit it with the $1.00 Membership Fee.

Do ISA members have to pay a membership fee?

  • Yes. All members have to pay a membership fee of $1.00 per semester. The reason for ISA's membership fee is so that it can provide better academic and social activities to our members.

What are some of the benefits to being an ISA member?

  • Make new friends from a variety of countries.
  • Become familiar with the campus by being involved in university-wide activities.
  • Plan and participate in social and cultural events.
  • Form study groups and provide a supportive academic environment.
  • Develop leadership and organizational skills.

What are some of the activities sponsored by ISA?

  • In October ISA sponsors a United Nations Day celebration on the Library Lanai. This is a major event for the International Student Association and for the campus. It is a chance for us to highlight the cultural richness of our campus and community, with each participating group designing its own mode of expression through a cultural display table, the "Parade of Nations," or a cultural performance.

How and When can one become an officer of ISA?

  • Any member of ISA is eligible to run for an office. Elections are held during the first week of May, and the term of office is one year (the Fall and Spring Semesters). Stop by the International Student Office to pick up a nomination form.

  • Current Officers:
    First line from left:
    Secretary: Rie Takemoto, Web Master: Hiroko Komiyama, Vice President: Yuko Miyazato, Membership Coordinator: Arlynne Chugen, Publicity: Gladys Tong,
    Second line from left:
    Membership Coordinator: Jonathan Chandrasakaran, President: Kohei Miyagi, Adivisor: Ruth Robison, Treasurer: Neil Besiko


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