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International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences

Commission on the Anthropology of Mathematics

I.U.A.E.S. Commission to Study and Develop Mathematical Abilities

International Symposia are to be established to work with host Nations in the development of Mathematical Instruction at all levels of the school system of the host country, particularly at the Elementary level. This instruction will emphasize computer based learning as well as a regimen of exercises is recommended to provide for the essential Piagetian schema underlying school mathematics readiness. This program will therefore make available internet learning programs of a Mathematical nature to all of those in need of this kind of instruction. Inaugural presentation for the Commission was on the 24th of September, 2002 in Tokyo.

May we most cordially thank David F. Lancy, 2001 Carnegie Professor of the Year and Professor of Anthropology for his reading in Tokyo at the IUAES InterCongress in September Tues 24, 2002 of Culture and Knowing, Neurophysiological correlates for mathematical understanding and performance. The link to this paper as well as to a mathematical exposition showing the relationship between mathematics and language are appended. A presentation was made of: Culture and Knowing in Childhood for Mathematical Understanding in the XV ICAES 2K3 Humankind/Nature Interaction: Past, Present and Future, Florence, Italy, on July 7th 2003 at the University of Florence at the first meeting of the Commission. Other papers and a lively discussion ensued. Scheduling of international symposia is now underway.

Mathematical Programs for the Classroom and with computer links internationally

This instruction will focus on the combination of Culture and Knowing as they influence Mathematical knowledge and performance within the world's cultures. This is therefore, in essence, an ethnolinguistic/semiotic analysis of mathematical learning made useful to the peoples of the world. A combination therefore of theoretical and applied Ethnology and Anthropology. N-dimensional spatial geometries have provided a public service announcement on Supernovae from Experimentation.

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