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List of All Forms

All forms are required and are applicable to this packet.

Forms that Must be Filled Out

Casual Hire Job Order Request (For Departmental Use)
Department initiated form for requesting casual hires to be submitted with the Job Order Form
Job Order Form fo Employment (For Departmental Use)
Department initiated form for hiring casual hires for the listing of casual hire vacancy to the state employment service.
Form 6 (For Departmental Use)
Notification of Personnel Action form worksheet, used for overload and casual hires.
W-4, Federal Tax Withholding Form
Allows employee to withhold the Federal income tax from your pay.
HW-4, State of Hawai‘i Tax Withholding Form
Allows employee to withhold the State income tax from your pay.
I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification Form
This is the Employment Eligibility Verification Form is for the immigration and naturalization service.
D-90, Employee's Designation of Beneficiary Form
Designation of Beneficiary Form; Note: Form D-90 must be printed on yellow paper and the instructions must be printed on the reverse side of the form. This form must be notarized.
SSA-I945, Statement Concerning Employment is a Job Not Covered by Social Security
Information about employment in a job not covered by Social Security. You must sign this form to show you have read it.
Personnel Data Form
Information form about your education and work experience. Please fill out the top then fill any addition information in the boxes below which is not included on your resume or on file.
UH Form 22, Work Schedule Disclosure Form
Disclosure if you are working at or applying to any other University of Hawaiʻi department or campus.
Form Vets 100, Invitation to Identify a Disability or Veteran Status
Invitation to Identify Disability or Veteran Status allows you to notify the University if you are disabled or a United States veteran.
EC-1, Enrollment into the Hawaiʻi Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund (EUTF)
Allows you to enroll in Health Benefit program.
Royal State National Insurance Company, Group Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation Form
Allows you to designate a beneficiary for a Royal State National Insurance plan which you are enrolled as part of the University.
UH Form 27, Ethnic Background Form
Form to which allows the University to keep track of the ethnic background of its employees.
HRD319b, Certification of Hawai‘i Residency Form/Instructions
Form which certifies you as a Hawai‘i Resident.
UH Form 12, Employee's Claim for prior Creditable Service for Awards
Allows you to declare service awards for past work for the federal or state government.
HRD 315A, Civil Service Competitive Internal Recruitment Application Form
Departmental Competitive Announcement Application - Certifies your typing speed and short hand writing of transcriptions.
Supplemental to the Applications for Clerical Positions
Allows you to declare extra information which pertains to a clerical position.
Form 92, General Confidentiality Notice
Agreement to maintain personal information confidential.
HRD 329c, Criminal History Record Clearance for State Civil Service Employment
Authorizes a criminal history record clearance.
Personnel Record Card
Will enable human resources to easily keep important information about you on file for quick reference.
Part-time, Temporary and Seasonal/Casual (PTS) Employees Deferred Compensation Retirement Enrollment Form
Form which allows you to enroll in the Part-Time, Temporary, and Seasonal/Casual Employees (PTS) deferred compensation retirement plan.
ERS Form 1-A Beneficiary Designation & Instructions
Designate a beneficiary with this form. ERS Form 1-A must be printed on goldenrod or yellow paper. This form must be notarized.
ERS-1, Enrollment Form into Employees’ Retirement System
Form which allows you to enroll in the State of Hawaiʻi employees’ retirement system
UH Form 88 - Disclosure of the Employment of Relatives
Form to report employment of a relative.
UH Form 101 - Certification of Retirement Period from the State or County
Certification of Retirement Period
UH Form 109 - Act 179 Acknowledgement Form and ERS Flyer
For BOR employees
DHRD Form 380 - Act179 Acknowledgement Form and ERS Flyer
For Civil Service employees
ERS Form 209 - Certification of Compliance with Requirements for Employment of a Retirant

Notices that Require You to Do Something

Social Security Card Notification
Notification that a copy (or 2 copies for emergency hires) of your current social security card is required on submission.
TB Examination Notice
Notification that a current tuberculosis certification (within a year) will be needed before starting work at UH Hilo, for appointments of more than 15 days.
D-60 Salary Assignment/Cancellation Form
Salary Assignment/Cancellation Form for direct deposits of salary payments. This is a requirement by the State of Hawaiʻi. H.R.S. 40-53. It requires employees paid by the State to assign their paychecks to a financial institution. The D-60 form must be completed by the employee and financial institution; and returned to the UH Hilo Human Resources Office. Note: All three sections must be signed in dark blue ink. Instructions

Reference Information

Retirement Information Form (PTS)
Notice that Act 212 has been signed into law.
PTS Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan – Employee Information Booklet
Booklet which can be requested which contains information about the PTS Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan.
UH Workplace Non-Violence Policy and Procedures
Notice about the University Workplace Non-violence policy and procedures.
UH Hilo Workplace Violence Incident Reporting Procedures
How and who to rerport workplace violence incidents.
Drug-Free Workplace
Notice that the University is a drug-free workplace.
Smoking Regulations
Web site about Hawaiʻi's Smoke-Free Law.
Crime Awareness and Campus Security Notice
Link to UH Hilo Campus Crime Awareness web site.
Nondiscriminaton, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Policies
Notification on the University's nondiscrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault policies.
Employee Benefits
Information on employee benefits.
State Observed Holiday Schedule
Holidays observed by the University of Hawai‘i.
Tax Deferred Annuity Program, 403(b) and 403(b)(7)
Information about the voluntary supplemental retirement income investment program.
The State of Hawaiʻi, Island Savings Plan
Information about the Island $avings Plan, an optional personal retirement savings plan.
ERS Form 1-A & Instructions
Information about the ERS Form 1-A Designation of beneficiary form
Group Life Insurance
Information about the group life insurance from Royal State Insurance which you are enrolled as part of the University. Royal State Web Site. Beneficiary Form. FAQs
Information Sheet "Non-Civil Service Appointment"
Information about pay for for "non-civil service appointments.
Form which allows you to log work for overtime hours or night shift differential hours. See the D-55 Instructions .
Island Flex
Information about the Island Flex. This is a program which allows you to open accounts which have tax savings benefits.
Collective Bargaining
Information on Collective Bargaining.
University of Hawaiʻi Policies and Procedures
Information on UH Policies.
Workers' Compensation Information
Information on Workers' Compensation.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Information on the UH Employee Assistance Program