How to Make Changes to Your Schedule

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Adding Classes

Prior to or during the first week of classes:

  • Search class availability before trying to add classes 
  • Log on to MyUH
  • Click on Add/Drop Courses
  • Select the corresponding term
  • Select the institution and enter the CRN (Course Reference Number)
  • Click on Submit Changes

If you need any requirements waived (i.e., prerequisite, class standing, etc.), the Registration Override Form is available at division offices or you can download it at Commonly Used Forms. Obtain the instructor’s signature and return the form to the appropriate division office for processing.

During the second week of classes:

  1. Obtain the Registration Override Form at any Division Office or download form.
  2. Be sure “Late Add” is selected.  If the class is also closed, select “Class is closed” as well.
  3. Obtain the instructor’s signature and return the form to the appropriate Division Office for processing.
  4. Log on to MyUH and register for the class.

Dropping Classes

  1. Prior to dropping a class, please refer to the Tution and Fees Refund schedule to understand your financial responsibilities.
  2. Please also refer to the Academic calendar for the pertinent drop deadlines.
  3. Log on to MyUH.
  4. Click on the “Add/Drop Courses” link.
  5. Select the corresponding term.
  6. Select the withdrawal option next to the class from which you wish to withdraw.
  7. Click on Submit Changes.
  8. To drop or withdraw from your class class at your home institution, please see Complete Withdrawal section below.

Complete Withdrawal

Once classes begin, a student can withdraw from his/her last or only class via MyUH. UH Hilo students who wish to withdraw from all UH Hilo classes can also obtain a Complete Withdrawal form from the Office of the registrar or download the form online at Commonly Used Forms and follow official procedures.

For students who completely withdraw before the end of the third week of instruction, the courses will not be reflected on their transcript. Students who completely withdraw after the third week of instruction will receive a “W” for each of the courses in progress at the time of withdrawal. Tuition and fees will be assessed according to the UH system policy.

Students may completely withdraw through the last day of instruction.

A student who completely withdraws and wishes to return for any subsequent semester may be required to submit an admissions application for re-admission. Students who return to UH Hilo after a single semester break (excluding summer) will be eligible to graduate under the requirements in force when they first entered UH Hilo or any campus of the UH System. Students who stop out for more than one semester will be required to fulfill the requirements in force when they return to UH Hilo.

Students may petition the Dean of their College for an approved leave of absence for unusual circumstances beyond the student’s control; an approved leave of absence will allow a student to use the catalog in force when s/he entered UH Hilo or another UH System campus with a break of more than one semester.

A student who completely withdrawals without an approved Leave of Absence must reapply for admissions. The student may be required to fulfill the requirements in force upon return to UH Hilo.

Warning: Dropping below 12 credit hours may jeopardize your financial aid and/or immigration status. 

To contact the UH Hilo Office of the Registrar, email Questions regarding other University of Hawaiʻi campuses should be directed to the appropriate campus contact.